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Paper business cards are still used in over 90% of all interactions where information is transferred. In fact, companies that sell business cards are increasing in revenue and orders every year!

So are paper cards a necessary expense in marketing and networking practices?

Research has shown that traditions in business outlast the technologies that exist in consumers daily lives. People have become familiarized with using paper business cards to exchange contact information, but they are not seeing a return on sales.

So what is the advantage of using a digital card?

What if you could view analytics on cards that you have given out to see if it is being viewed? What if you could update information at any time and have that information updated for all of your past recipients? You can accomplish both of these and more with Inigo digital business cards.

Better yet, digital business cards never need to be updated and are easy for anyone to design. Simply log back into your app, add your new information, and you're ready to go!

Furthermore, anyone can receive an Inigo card. Other digital card apps require the recipient to have the same application on their phone. Inigo takes the simplicity of a paper card and allows the user to simply send their card as if they were sending a text message. Grab the number, type it in, hit send!

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