Using a digital business card as a real estate agent can save money, help close more homes, and have more showings. How? Because Inigo Digital Business Cards allow you to add transparent information, create personalized links and showing schedules, and provide digital space for you to showcase why customer want to choose you.

This article will teach you how to use the best design and add the best elements for real estate agents.

Adding a background

We have provided several real estate themed backgrounds on the Inigo App and in the Inigo Team desktop platform. In order to change your background, please go to Edit Card > Choose Background > Select the real estate folder.

Adding a custom background

Do you want to add your own real estate company's background to your Inigo card? Follow this steps on this guide to resize the image so that it looks great!

Adding elements for realtors

There are a few things that we have learned from real estate agents that have been successful with the Inigo App. By using specific elements, they are able to cater more to their clients and customers to better network and share information about homes.

Here are two creative ways that realtors are using Inigo:

Create a card for a listing

One of the smart practices that we have learned from Inigo users is to create a card specific to a listing. By doing this, you can collect all of the information about one home and put it in one easy to distribute place.

To do this, you are going to need to add specific elements that display the listing's information. To get started, review this article on adding elements.

Firstly, you will want to add your basic contact elements to the card and put an image of the house as the background image.

You can add the Zillow listing for the card as an URL link. Not listed on Zillow? Any online listing can be added as an URL. To do this, select the "Visit this website" element and add the Zillow or listing link. Be sure to title the URL to reflect the listing.

You may also add an image gallery that is hosted online as an URL or a flickr album. You will see these options in the elements page as well.

Lastly, be sure to add the home's address so that clients will be able to find it.

Create a card for a client

If you are specifically making cards for one showing, why not make them for individual clients? As you update any Inigo Card it will update for the recipient. This way, you can always add new information and keep it in a repository for that customer. Even better, Inigo cards are not discoverable online, so the information will be private to those that you share them to.

You can add specific details like listings to view, contact information, mortgage information, and even Google maps routes for viewings.

To add a Google map route, visit Follow the steps to add new destinations on the route by typing them into the search bar, and clicking "add to map." Once you are done, click "share" and copy the share link. Add it to your Inigo card as an URL element.

You can also add links for Zillow reviews, new listings, contact information, and more! Not only is this a great way to make new clients, but it is also great for closing the deal and creating a strong relationship!

Help your team work together

You can bring your real estate firm together on Inigo Team to create standardized cards with shared company templates, custom logos, analytics, shared elements, and team communication tools.

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