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Contact Management

It is easy to add new contacts to the Inigo app through three ways:

Sharing a card to a contact

When you share a card with Inigo, the recipient will automatically be saved as a contact. Inigo will use the information provided in the share to create the contact, whether a phone number, email, or another method.

TIP: Adding a name when sharing will automatically populate the name field, making it easier to recognize the contact later.

After you share the card the contact will appear automatically. You can then add additional details if you would like. Once you close the contact, it will appear in the contacts list.

Adding a contact to your contacts list

You can add a card to your contact list by going to the contacts page and clicking the add button in the bottom right-hand corner.

This will prompt you to add a contact in one of two ways. Choose "Create Custom Contact" in order to fill out a new contact page. Once you are done, click the check button in the upper right-hand corner to save the contact. It will now appear in your contacts list.

Adding a contact by scanning a paper business card

To add a contact by scanning a paper business card, go to the contacts page and click the add button on the button right-hand corner.

Choose "Snap Paper Card" in order to open the camera.

TIP: If you are prompted to give permission to Inigo to use your device's camera, click yes so that the paper card can be scanned.

Center the paper business card in the camera view, and take the picture. You will be taken to a page where you can retake the photo, crop the image, choose the language that the card is in, rotate the image, or choose an image from your phone library. Click the check mark in the upper right-hand corner in order to continue.

A saved contact page will open, and the contact name will say "OCR in progress." Within seconds, you will receive a notification on your phone that says "Saved contact updated! Tap to see the details."

Click on this notification to open the contact page. All of the information present on the card should now appear on this contact's page. The card image will also be retained on the card page.

Editing and deleting a contact

To edit an existing contact, click on the contact's page and click the pencil icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

This will open a page where you can edit the contact background, name, avatar, elements, and color.

To delete a contact, scroll to the bottom of the contact's page, and hit the delete icon.

Sharing a contact

You may share a contact by going to the contact page and scrolling to the bottom to click the "share" button.

Once you click this, the contact will appear in the share screen similar to sharing your own card. It will say "Please click the link below to view {Name}'s card," opposed to your own information.

Once the recipient receives the contact, it will appear in a URL similar to sharing your own Inigo card. The contact card will have all of the information that you originally put on the contact's page.

For more details on editing contact pages, please click here. For information about contact analytics, click here.

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